Your Battery Buddy

Our Story

Starting our business in 2013 I wanted to have a business to sell Lithium Polymer batteries to RC Enthusiast. I bought some batteries from Mark at 2DogRc and was so impressed by his batteries and support I start to sale Mad Dog batteries. I was racing with the RCDRL and those were our first customers. The first year we sold about $1,000 in products and batteries.

We continued to add products to our inventory that I needed as a racer and I knew that my customer needed to go faster. Only the best products is what we will provide to our customers

“ As we move forward our promise is to provide only the best RC Drag Racing product on the market and provide the absolute best customer service and support possible. I Promise! ”


  • Shipping

    We primarily us the US Post Office but we only charge our cost with any extra charges. If needed we will ship UPS or FedEx.

  • 100% guarantee.

    That we will provide the best products available to make our customer the fastest they can be.

  • Online Support

    We respond to email, Facebook and many other types of communications promptly and professionally.

Happy Clients

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Anthony Proce

RC Customer
This is the go to site for drag racers of all scales. Norris is a great guy and a friend. He explains everything and the service is top notch! Your Battery Buddy gets an A+.