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Urban Assault Racing - Drive-Line ProStock

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Urban Assault Racing - Drive-Line ProStock

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  • Urban Assault Racing - Drive-Line ProStock

    Urban Assault Racing - Drive-Line ProStock

    Urban Assault Racing:


    Promod as pictured is 10oz ... this is a full on Drive-line chassis using today's best materials 1pkw High Modulus Carbon Fiber mj series .. unlike the sexy shinny stuff we all see this is the real deal. UAR has been using MJ 1pkw HM carbon fiber since day 1 what other manufactures call rigid takes a .090 thick sheet to even come close .. UAR uses .060 thick CF for our drive-line cars. Which gives you Light weight and max strength makes for a nice combination ..


    What we built 8 years ago is still able to take advantage of the new Diff design and ultra light weight rotating mass.

    Something we take pride in is keeping you on the track and parts cost down once your racing our chassis .. I listen to every one i can and believe this is the best chassis UAR has put on the track. The new 3d printed parts give you the racer a chance to keep parts on hand just in case the wall jumps out at you or the track has an unprotected shut down area.. over all cost from purchase to end of race season will be lower ... giving you a little extra in the wallet for that next bad ass battery you want

    Remember all UAR Chassis owners will be registered for 2017 contengency program ... you win or runner up with UAR chassis at sanctioned events and you earn 10.00 winner and 5.00 runner up ...

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