CORDOVA RESEARCH – 1.4X1.5 INCH – 10000kv – 1/10 SCALE MOTOR


CORDOVA RESEARCH – 1.4X1.5 INCH – 10000kv – 1/10 SCALE MOTOR

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CORDOVA RESEARCH – 1.4X1.5 INCH – 10000kv – 1/10 SCALE MOTOR

Cordova Story
Cordova Research is a family run business that was started by Jose Cordova. The motors are built in a garage in Souther California by Jose and his sons. They have been in business for 10 years and the top quality motors have been setting records of speed in all class of Remote Control products. Jose has been involved with NeuMotors and Castle Creations. Jose has been in the motor business for over 35 years.

Out of stock purchases discount for waiting
As you know when Motors are ordered from Cordova Research they build them as you order them and don’t keep them ready to ship. My goal it to keep them instock ready to ship. As I am building my inventory and follow trends for specific motors, I may not have them in stock. When this occurs I will give you an immediate 10% discount. My website is not able to provide a 10% if the inventory count is 0 so please purchase the motor and I will refund the 10% quickly and provide you updates about your motor has I get them from Cordova.

  Model/Kv Max. Cells Power  Length Price
1/10 Scale 1415/10000 2S 500 W 1.5 in $175
1415/6800 2S
1415/5500 3S
1415/5000 3S
1415/4100 4S


The warranty on the motors are as is without warranty. The reason it that too many people have abused the motors and expected to get them replaced for no cost. So if you have a motor that you believe has failed because of malfunctioning motor or manufacturing defect please contact the Cordova Research. They will evaluate your motor and work towards a fair resolution.

Here is the contact information for Cordova Research
Phone: (619) 730-4983

Please contact us if you have any questions about these motors or any products we sell.

Motor are build with 3 wires to connect to the Electronic Speed Control. You should never cut the wires but you will need to add connectors. 4mm male and female connectors are a common method for wiring.

The motors do not come with a flat spot on the rotor shaft and it is recommended to use a file or Dremel tool to cut the flat spot exactly where you need it. Also the shafts are usually long and could need to be cut off to meet you needs. Lastly NEVER bench test these motors to free spin, the should alway have a load on the motor. High prolong free spinning could cause damage to the motor.

I hope you enjoy this motor and find speeds like never before like many before you.

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