Your Battery Buddy – Best Soldering Jig Total System


Your Battery Buddy – Best Soldering Jig

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Your Battery Buddy – Best Soldering Jig

Most hobbyists who regularly solder have a collection of jigs they’ve amassed over the years all promising to make the task of soldering easier. The reason we have so many is most are too specialized or have shortcomings that weren’t obvious at the time of purchase.
  • Aluminum jigs wick the heat away from the connector making it difficult to get a proper joint. 
  • Carbon fiber jigs are electrically conductive introducing the possibility of shorting out your battery.
  • Helping hands are great at holding wire but have trouble holding onto a metal connector. 
  • The myriad sizes of bullet connectors in R/C the fixed size holes in most jigs just aren’t flexible enough to hold all your bullets securely.
  • Homemade jigs are great, but then all your friends want you to make them one too!
It was with that in mind that we went searching for a jig that solved most, if not all, of the problems. 
  • Built from advanced thermoplastic it holds the heat in the connector without the risk of melting.
  • The spring-loaded retaining bar will hold bullet connectors from 0.8MM all the way up to the massive 10MM. In the product pictures, I have 2MM – 8MM represented – you can see how each one has a nice snug fit.
  • The attached arm is almost infinitely adjustable and will securely hold the wire so you can concentrate on getting the iron tip & solder right where it needs to be.
  • There’s also the option to add a 2nd arm to make the soldering stand even more versatile.
It’ll be the last soldering jig you ever need.

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